Gulfway Sporting Goods Inc.     Fishin' & Huntin' Southern Style
Gulfway Sporting Goods has everything you need for a day on the boat.  We carry a
wide variety of boating accessories.
Life Jackets                Tow ropes                Inner tubes        Hydroslides

Safety equipment: flares, whistles, horns, flags, fire extinguishers

Fuel line assemblies                Boat seats and assemblies        
           Transom savers                                        Much more!

Don't have what you're looking for - let us know and we'll be happy to order it for you!
All boats are required to have the
following equipment:

 Life jacket for each person
 on the vessel
Navigation lights
Fire extinguisher
Visual distress signals

Gulfway has all this and more. So
stop by before hitting the water
and have a safe boating trip.